Hi there!

I’m Sarah and I have come down with a serious wanderlust affliction.

I’m not so lucky to have a romantic story about being a digital nomad or quitting my job for years of travel. I’m just a girl with a suitcase and a passport trying to see the world while I balance all the other expectations of life. My travel story really started a few years ago after I was set to have a really major brain surgery that made me face a lot of fears and take stock of my life. I think it took that fear to realize that I’d spent my life waiting for the right moment to do amazing things…but the right moment was never going to come unless I made it. 2 months after surgery, I packed a bag and set off for two weeks alone in Thailand and those were probably the best two weeks of my life. Since then, travel has fed me. I am slowly but very surely checking things off the lists and I’m making the perfect moments for myself.

When I’m not traveling, I have a cute little homestead in Portland, Oregon that I adore. I also want to share a lot about this city I call home. Sometimes adventure is a 20 hour plane ride away and sometimes it’s just a 10 minute car ride.

This blog is a space for me to document my travels, but I also want to make it a place to create community and share stories and tips and comments. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to work together.

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